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Summer Camps for Kids in the Philadelphia Area!

Summer Day Camp for Kids in Philadelphia Offered Daily from August 19-30, 2024

Campers at The Candy Lab’s summer camp love to get creative with their food! We offer a candy crafting day camp for kids in Ardmore every day, where campers can make all sorts of sweet creations. From candy necklaces to candy mosaics, there’s no limit to what they can make. Whether it’s making fruit-themed paintings or creating edible sculptures, our campers always have a blast getting messy with their food! If you have a little one who wants to explore their creative side this summer, have them come in and let their imagination take over in candy goodness.

2024 Summer Camp will be held Monday, August 19-Friday, August 30, 2024.  Click here for more info or to register Haddonfield or Ardmore.

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Our day camps for kids are 2 hours per day, AM and PM sessions, by age. Sign up for a session, by the week or your entire break!

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Camps coming soon!

Candy-Crafting Summer Camp in Ardmore, PA

As a parent, you may struggle to find productive activities for your kids that are also engaging. The wide-open days of summer present a unique challenge. Fortunately, we’ve got just the thing to stimulate young minds and taste buds: candy crafting summer camp in Ardmore, PA!

What Is Candy Crafting?

Watch your kids’ faces light up when you mention they’re going to spend their summer making tasty and visually appealing treats. Candy-making can be much more than a fun activity. The process is a science that requires care and patience, giving your kids a chance to learn new lessons and skills.

Your kids will begin to understand the hard work of cooking and likely gain a new appreciation for your efforts at home. They may even be able to start giving more of a helping hand!

Kids will learn patience, too. All good things come in time, and that includes crafting candy!

Candy can’t only taste good. Part of the experience is making it look scrumptious. Participants in our day camp for kids learn how to design treats that look delectable and take things a step further with unique and inspiring crafts made from their sweets.

What Do We Do for Dietary Restrictions?

Candy crafting should be fun for everyone, no matter their dietary needs. We cater our programs to anyone who wants to get in on the excitement. Your kids can cook creative confections in the following ways and more:






If your child has any other unique requirements, simply contact us so we can devise a plan to let them participate in our day camps for kids.

Who Are the Camps For?

Young ones ages 6 to 12 can join the fun and learning. Sign your kids up for two-hour sessions so they can discover how to turn their everyday treats into edible art.

Kids will enjoy showing off their personalities with their creations. Parents don’t have to supply any tools or materials. Our lab has it all ready for you.

When Do the Candy Crafting Summer Activities for Kids Start?

After the summer break from school begins, our candy crafting summer activities for kids are in session! Camp runs from mid-July to early September. Two-hour morning and afternoon sessions allow you to choose whichever part of the day is best for your family.

What Kind of Crafts for Kids Can You Make Out of Candy?

Candy is an excellent medium for all sorts of artistic expression. If you search our website, you’ll discover all kinds of eye-catching delights our campers have made through candy crafting. Here are a few your kids may want to try:


Kids will enjoy creating jewelry out of confections. Campers can learn how to make necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. And yes, their colorful ornaments are still edible, so they become snacks after wearing them.

Your kids might be missing their best friends from school or from far away and want to create a memento to show their appreciation. Or they might meet a new companion in camp.

Their little buddies would love nothing more than a candy friendship bracelet. Kids can choose whatever colors they desire to express themselves. For example, they might want to represent the hues of their school or pick the shades of the family’s favorite sports team.

Candy Arrangements

Flowers are lovely, but most of us don’t want to eat them. Your little one might want to surprise you with an edible bouquet or wreath as a token of appreciation.

The arrangements will look great and be a welcome addition to your social media page to highlight your kids’ creativity. Be sure to snap a photo quickly before you or someone you know gobbles up your candy crafting arrangement!

Science Experiments

Kids love to test things, and sometimes it’s fun to see what your food can do and learn why. We’re a genuine laboratory where young innovators can indulge their curiosity in the wonders of food science.

Can You Enjoy Candy Crafting at Other Times of the Year?

Our candy crafting summer camp in Ardmore will be so much fun that your kids won’t want to wait to return. Thankfully, you don’t have to do it for long.

The Candy Lab is open all year. We offer the following programs:

After-school classes for 90-minute sessions Monday through Friday

Two-hour “Come Any Time Classes” where participants select, design, and create three items to create a candy-crafted appetizer, main course, and dessert

90-minute Jewelry Design Workshops with age-appropriate crafts for kids posted on our calendar

90-minute science labs with chemistry teacher extraordinaire Emma “Einstein” Shapiro for experiments that they get to eat at the end

We also didn’t forget about winter and spring breaks. When kids know that time off is coming, they’ll probably ask you if they can return to our lab on vacation. We reopen our daily two-hour camp sessions for these extended breaks.

Is Candy Crafting Only for Fun?

Candy crafting presents a perfect opportunity for learning science in the lab and more about the world. We also encourage giving and philanthropy with our support for the nonprofit, Treats for Troops.

When kids are out of school for Election Day, they can make treats related to the event for an educational experience about democracy and our nation. A delicious project makes for an unforgettable lesson. You might think of other ideas they can execute for impactful learning.

Is Candy Crafting Only for Kids?

While our summer camps are for K-5 kids, we host other activities for all ages. One of our specialties is bachelorette parties, and we also do bridal showers and other themed events. You can also sign up for team-building exercises at our laboratory.

Whatever festivities or training you have in mind, your group will get lots of giggles and bond over candy crafting.

Are You Ready to Join Us for the Ultimate Candy Crafting Experience?

Nothing could be better than learning through candy crafts. Your kids won’t wait to engage in our classes and bring their new skills home for the whole family to appreciate. Contact The Candy Laboratory for more on our candy crafting summer camp in Ardmore, PA, by calling 610-229-0663. Sign up for our day camp for kids today!