Daily, After-School Classes

With our After School Program, you can transform your after-school hours into candy adventures

Come to The Candy Lab after school to ignite your child’s imagination and creativity! In a fun and unique way, your little one will learn visual arts skills and build confidence. For children in grades K-5, these classes are both stimulating and exciting.

Children acquire the skills to craft exquisite jewelry and sculptures using delicious candy. and other edible foods during each 1 1/2-hour class. The Candy Lab presents a plethora of choices, ranging from delectable candy necklaces to delectably indulgent chocolate-dipped pretzels.

Dietary Restrictions and Options

Every little one is unique and deserves to join in on the candy-crafting fun. Alongside our usual assortment of sugary delights, we also have special choices for those with allergies or particular tastes.

If your little one needs alternatives that are free of gluten or nuts, we collaborate closely with moms, dads, and caretakers to provide tailor-made experiences that cater to their individual requirements. 

Benefits of Candy Crafting for Kids

Problem-solving abilities: When children explore new ways to create art, they also test possibilities (what will happen if I use grapes to make a sculpture?) and overcome challenges (how can I make my candy bracelet stay intact?).

Sharing: In our classes, your child has the opportunity to collaborate with others and learn how to share and take turns with supplies.

Motor skills: Crafting enhances your child’s ability to control and handle materials such as scissors or glue.

Communication: When kids are creating masterpieces, they become accustomed to having to chat with their fellow crafters, like when they’re requesting a set of scissors or borrowing an artsy brush.

Creativity: Crafting should be seen as a process, and this class provides a time for your child to explore, experiment, create, and celebrate their own uniqueness.

Candy Crafts With The Candy Lab

To keep kids engaged, we regularly change up our candy crafts depending on the season. Some of the crafts we have done in previous classes include jewel-tone drop pendants, jewel boxes, candy jewelry, themed paintings, and even grape sculptures. Our kiddos always have a blast getting messy with their food!

When you enroll your child in our after-school program, you can rest assured that you won’t have to stress about the chaos that usually accompanies crafting, particularly when it involves food. Your little one will have a designated space to unleash their creativity to the fullest without the untidy aftermath!

Create Candy Crafts at The Candy Lab Today

The Candy Lab’s after-school program offers kids an engaging alternative to idle time at home, combining learning life skills with creative and hands-on fun. Children can explore their artistic side and create lasting memories while enjoying their very own candy masterpieces in Philadelphia. 

Feel free to reach out to us at (610) 220-4089 or take a peek at our calendar for additional details about our after-school programs. We can’t wait to greet you and your little ones at The Candy Lab!

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