Unleash Creativity with Our Craft Camps for Kids!

Welcome to The Candy Laboratory’s Craft Camps for Kids, serving the Philadelphia area and Haddonfield, NJ! Our day camps for kids are designed to spark imagination, foster creativity, and provide a fun learning environment for children of all ages. Join us for an unforgettable journey where your child can explore their artistic talents and create wonderful memories.

Why Choose Our Craft Camps?

At The Candy Laboratory, we understand the importance of nurturing creativity in children. Our craft camps offer a unique blend of hands-on activities, artistic exploration, and engaging projects tailored to inspire young minds. Here’s why parents and kids love our day camps for kids:

  1. Creative Exploration: Our craft camps encourage children to explore various art mediums, including painting, drawing, sculpture, and more. From traditional techniques to innovative approaches, we provide a supportive environment where kids can express themselves freely.
  2. Skill Development: Whether your child is a beginner or an experienced artist, our craft camps offer opportunities for skill development and growth. Our experienced instructors guide students through each creative process step, helping them build confidence and refine their abilities.
  3. Social Interaction: Craft camps at The Candy Laboratory are not just about art—they’re also about building friendships and creating lasting bonds. Through collaborative projects and group activities, children can connect with peers who share their passion for creativity.
  4. Fun and Excitement: From themed craft projects to exciting games and challenges, our craft camps are packed with fun-filled experiences that keep kids engaged and entertained throughout the program. With a dynamic curriculum and a supportive community, every day at craft camp is an adventure waiting to unfold!

Our Craft Camp Offerings

Discover a world of creativity and fun with our diverse craft camp offerings. From summer sessions packed with artistic adventures to holiday workshops brimming with festive flair, there’s something for every young artist to explore at The Candy Laboratory’s Craft Camps in the Philadelphia area & Haddonfield, NJ.

Summer Craft Camps 

Beat the heat and unleash your creativity with our summer craft camps! From painting and pottery to mixed media and beyond, our summer programs offer diverse activities to inspire young artists.

Holiday Craft Workshops

Join us for festive holiday workshops where children can create handmade decorations, gifts, and keepsakes to celebrate the season. From Halloween masks to Christmas ornaments, there’s always something special happening at The Candy Laboratory!

After-School Craft Clubs

Looking for a creative outlet after school? Join our after-school craft clubs and explore new techniques, experiment with different materials, and let your imagination soar! With convenient scheduling and expert instruction, our craft clubs are the perfect way to unwind and get crafty after a long day of learning.

Join Us at The Candy Laboratory

Ready to embark on a creative adventure? Enroll your child in one of our craft camps today and watch their imagination come to life! Please view our calendar for more information about our programs, schedules, locations, and registration details. Let’s make memories and masterpieces together at The Candy Laboratory’s Craft Camps in Haddonfield and the Philadelphia area!

Join us for deliciously fun crafting experiences your kids will adore!

Click here for our Spring Break 2024 schedule: Ardmore and Haddonfield

Click here for our Summer Break 2024 schedule:  Ardmore and Haddonfield

Our craft camps for kids runs from August 21-September 1, 2023. Each session is two hours in length, 10am-noon and 1-3pm. Click here to sign up for a session, by the week or your entire break!

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Winter Break Camp

Daily from Mid-December Through Early January

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Spring Break Camp

Daily from mid-March through Mid-April

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Summer Camp

Daily from Mid-June Through Early September