The Candy Laboratory

Our Values:

The Candy Lab benefits both children and their parents through:

Creativity and Expression:  The Candy Lab is a space where children of all ages can unleash their creativity and express themselves through art.  Our goal is to nurture children’s imagination and foster their artistic abilities.

Skill Development:  The Candy Lab offers the opportunity to learn a new skill by gaining hands-on experience and developing fine motor skills.

Social Interaction:  We offer a safe space where kids can interact with their peers, share ideas and collaborate on projects.  This helps to build confidence, communication skills and teamwork abilities in children.

Quality Time:  When children work with their peers, they spend quality time together in a fun and constructive environment.

Finished Product:  Crafters are proud to share their completed artwork with their parents.  This provides a sense of accomplishment and serves as a memento of their creative efforts.

Unplugged Activity:  In today’s digital age, the Candy Lab emphasizes the value of unplugging from screens and engaging in hands-on, tactile activities.  We provide a refreshing break from technology where children can explore their creativity in a screen-free environment.

Safe and Supervised Environment:  The Candy Lab provides a safe and supervised space for children to explore and create under the guidance of experienced instructors.

Variety and Innovation: The Candy Lab offers a diverse range of crafts and projects that highlight creativity and innovation. This ensures that our crafters remain engaged and excited about attending our sessions.