Are you looking for a fun way to keep kids entertained? One way of doing that is by offering fun, creative day camps to your kids. Socializing with other kids is a great way to help them learn interpersonal skills, and by adding a fun and enjoyable element into the day camp options you offer, these can be experiences your kids remember for the rest of their lives. The Candy Laboratory in Ardmore, PA on the Main Line provides day camps for kids where candy meets crafting!  

Candy Laboratory Day Camps

If your kids love candy, and what kid doesn’t, then you may want to look at some of the day camps that The Candy Lab offers. While your kids are in the Philadelphia area, they can go during summer break, holiday break, and even spring break! The best part is, they will get to use candy to make fantastic works of art. So, not only do they get to have fun making something that looks cool, but they also get a sweet treat during the process. The kids are given several options, and then asked to create a craft by using both candy and other food items that they can be proud to show off. 

How Long Do These Camps Last? 

You have many options when it comes to day camps with The Candy Lab. You can sign your kids up for a single day of fun, or you can opt to sign them up for regular activities, such as each day during Spring Break. The camps will last about two hours, and your kids have the option of attending in the morning or in the afternoon. So, kids who want to take advantage of not having to get up early for school can come later in the day, and those who like their normal routines to stay the same can show up for the morning session. 

These are Great Ways for Kids to Interact All Around the Philadelphia Area

Kids are always looking for reasons to get together and have fun, so why not give them that chance in a place where they can also stretch their creative muscle? Just think about what your kitchen would look like if you opened up dozens of types of candy and let kids have fun making artwork they could eat. Instead of worrying about that mess, let them come to The Candy Lab, and we can take care of everything, from preparing the area, to supplying the candy, the fun, and the cleanup! 

Give Your Kids a Fun Way to Connect with Their Creative Sides

The more creative we can let our kids become, the more they can work on creative solutions to challenges in their life. Give them the opportunity to make a mess without worry, and let them challenge themselves and their friends to see who can come up with the best tasty treat. Contact The Candy Lab today and sign your kids up for day camps they are sure to love.