Many students consider activities like afterschool art classes the high points of their week. Art classes in Cherry Hill, NJ, give kids of all ages the chance to freely express their creative ideas while interacting with their peers in a secure, well-managed environment. 

Although kids art classes are not always viewed as important, studies have shown that practicing art after school can enhance students’ educational, social, and emotional growth. For example, research by the Brookings Institute found that elementary school kids who participated in art programs had fewer behavioral problems, greater compassion for others, and improved scores on writing tests. As a result, having your child attend an afterschool art program could have long-lasting benefits — and might offer them some fun as well!

Afterschool Art Classes at the Candy Laboratory in Cherry Hill

At the Candy Laboratory, children can participate in kids art classes from Monday through Friday, using candy and other food items to express their creativity. During each 1½-hour session, students learn a different candy-crafting skill. The program includes candy crafts, jewelry-making classes, and more. After being registered, children in grades K-5 can attend classes for either one day or one week at a time. 

Candy Jewelry-Making Classes

Creating jewelry out of candy is an innovative and enjoyable way for children to use their favorite sweet treats to show their individuality. And after a piece of candy jewelry is made and worn, it can then be eaten and enjoyed. A wide array of earrings, necklaces, and bracelets may be crafted out of candy – the possibilities are endless!

The Benefits of Candy Jewelry Making

Using candy beads to create jewelry is a highly useful skill for young children to acquire. Because the act of jewelry making promotes growth in many key areas that kids need to develop before they reach adulthood. 

For instance, while making candy jewelry children activate the creative centers of their brains. This in turn will help them come up with novel ideas both for current school activities and for work they pursue later in life. 

By grasping beads of different shapes and sizes, kids also enhance their fine motor skills. When making a necklace or bracelet, once a child picks up a bead, it must be placed on a string. This activity develops manipulative skills and can strengthen muscles in the hands

Working with beads also helps to develop a child’s memory, perception, and hand-eye coordination. When many beads are available to choose from, a child has to survey the collection and pick the ones they want. Once this is done, they have to develop and remember a pattern for placing the beads on the string. Finally, visual motor skills are improved because placing the beads on the string calls for good hand-eye coordination. 

So, if you’re seeking a way for your child to create distinctive, flavorful jewelry and other items, and to develop some personal skills in the process, contact us today at the Candy Laboratory for more information on our kids art classes in Cherry Hill. We look forward to hearing from you and creating some fantastic memories with your child!