If you want exciting candy crafts ideas to enjoy with your kids, our experts at The Candy Lab have loads of ideas you can try out – everything from jewelry making classes to Galentine’s fun! Most of them are simple and don’t involve complicated steps to complete. Here are the top five candy crafts ideas from your local Candy Lab.

1. Candy Butterflies

Candy butterflies are a simple yet exciting craft idea kids can try out. When kids visit the Candy Lab, this is one of the most performed crafts. It is so much fun that most kids try to make candy butterflies for their friends. With this craft, kids will make candy in the shape of a butterfly. The idea is to make the final product as colorful as possible. There is also a wide range of sizes and shapes to try. Our team will guide kids on how to execute it in our craft classes.

2. Snowmen and Candy Cane

This is undoubtedly one of the most popular candy crafts ideas. If your children want to create a tasty treat using candy, they can do it with this craft.  A perfect combination of marshmallows and minty fresh candy will make excellent candy snowmen. This idea is particularly ideal during the holiday season as it captures the essence of the festivities. It is quite simple to create candy cane and marshmallow snowmen. The fact that the final product is edible makes the experience even more exciting. 

3. Braided Friendship Bracelets

Does your child have one or more close friends that they enjoy spending time with? If so, braided friendship bracelets are excellent candy crafts ideas for them to try out. The fun part is that kids can eat these bracelets any time they wish! This idea entails stringing together several candies, so they form a bracelet. Kids can exchange bracelets to signify friendship and then eat them later! The bracelets can be made from a wide range of colors depending on the kid’s preferences. Our staff at The Candy Lab will guide them in creating their bracelet and ensuring that it fits perfectly. 

4. Valentine’s Day Cookie Decorating & More

The Candy Lab has some delicious events planned for Valentine’s Day, including Valentine’s Day cookie decorating and Valentine’s House decorating, a fun spin on the typical Gingerbread House that’s popular around the holidays. Additionally, Candy Lab is hosting a fun Galentine’s Day event on February 13th where patrons will create their own delicious Galentine’s terrariums; the perfect excuse to get all your girlfriends together for a sweet way to appreciate spending time together while having a blast with your favorite gals!

5. Candy Bouquet

How about a bouquet of candy instead of flowers? A candy bouquet is an exciting craft idea that many kids enjoy. It involves arranging candy in a careful manner to form a bouquet. Just like a bouquet of flowers, you can also surprise your kids with a bouquet of candy! The only difference is that this bouquet is edible! Our team at The Candy Lab will show the kids how to carefully create a candy bouquet in craft classes.

The Candy Lab is Here for You

The Candy Lab offers a wide range of exciting craft classes and candy crafts ideas that your kids will love. If you are looking for a great place to spend time with your kids, The Candy Lab is the place to be. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services.